Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Game of Chuck-it!

Not much new here, although yes, I realize I have been delinquent in my duties as a blogger, as I have not posted much. I will try to be better and post at least weekly. I had a week of vacation and had planned to post often, but alas, as vacations go....that didn't happen and I did other things instead.

I can't believe that October is half over already. Where does the time go. The summer went by very fast this year. I guess partly that is because we had a really nice summer and we actually got a fall season this year. Our summer wasn't too hot and not too rainy either. It had many nice days with low humidity levels. This fall started off a little cooler and then warmed up again and we've had a couple of weeks of nice Indian Summer. The colors this year are really nice, the leaves actually had a chance to change color on the trees before they came down. Many years it gets cold before the leaves can turn color and when they blow down they are still green.

Of course with nice fall colors comes the work of raking, bagging, and tidying up the yard to get ready for winter. I got all the summer items put in the shed. Emptied the hoses and Reese said goodbye to her pool until next Spring. Put the table and chairs away etc.

Here is a video I made of Reese at the park, running, running, running...which is one of her favorite things. Of course she loves anything that has to do with her chuck-it. The video is taken with my regular camera and will have to due until I can get a real video camera. I guess if you choose to watch the videos you'll just have to deal with the lower quality for now.

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