Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maddie ~ Forever in Our Hearts

It was a special day when you came home, looking like a golden fluffball bear. I can still see you running across the front yard, bounding up and down over the blades of grass. You touched so many during your time here. You will always be special. You were stubborn and made many of your own rules. But you trained your people well, and for good reason. They needed you as much as you needed them. Your life wasn't always peaches and cream, ACL repair before you were a year old, arthritis early on. The chicken bone that seemed like such a good idea when it went down, didn't seem so good when it came out surgically.

You made sure that Dad got at least two walks a day whether rain, sleet or ice. You loved to walk on your trail. Little dogs were your favorite. Laying tight to the ground when you came upon a little dog to make yourself seem small so as not to scare them and to let them know you were a friendly girlie. Snow angels after your walks. You loved to lay in the snow banks in -40 degree wind chill and look into the wind and smell the cold air.

Always insisting on a game of tug after dinner, good for the digestion you tried to explain to Dad. If you saw him dozing off in his chair you would make sure he got a good nose poke under his arm to wake him up.

You were Mom's company during the day and protector when you were both home alone. You layed on the kitchen tile and talked to her while she cooked. Like clockwork at 3:30 you alerted that it was time for your snack and at 4:30 you were ready for the big meal.

And then there is Mike. Yes, your boy, who you watched grow into a man. It was always a special day when Mike came to visit. While you didn't see him everyday, when you did, you made sure he knew just how much you loved him. The tail would start to wag as you saw his car pull into the driveway and by the time he got in the door your whole body would wiggle back and forth with joy.

You lived in the moment each day. A lesson we all need to practice more often. Time is short and precious we must not waste it.

You died in Mom's arms, you tried to look at her to tell her you were going to go now and then you were gone. As you headed over the bridge it got easier to walk and then run and you breathed a sigh of relief. You had made it!

Gone but never forgotten,
Godspeed Maddie!
March 27, 2001 - November 27, 2008


Jerry said...


Thank you for giving us this beautiful memory of Maddie and for all your care and support during these last weeks.

Love, Mom and Dad

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