Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reese is a Rock Star - Part 1 !

Reese is my little Rock Star! We had an awesome weekend, after a crazy week so that makes it even that much better. Nothing big last week, I was just very busy and didn't get to spend the time I wanted with my girlie walking, hiking and playing like we usually do.

But that makes Saturday's happenings that much more sweet.

We had our agility lesson on Saturday, due to the daylight slip-sliding away so fast these days. Reese did a great job. She listened, she was attentive to me, did not even look at the cars going by once. (You would have thought it was Sunday, all the drivers out for a cruise - I quickly lost count of all the vehicles.) 

We have been working on our cik/cap turns and jumps from a standstill to build her rear highness, I mean end!  She has been doing well and the cik and cap are coming along. Still working on just a low cross bar though so didn't know how much her turns would improve on a course.

We ran the Grand Prix finals course from USDAA. It was a very fun course, I am definitely getting better at remembering them and figuring out how to run them.......sometimes I have a slight delay in finding the numero uno obstacle, but after that I'm good:))

Reese ran great, and I was able to use cik and cap and I could see it made a difference. We found some things we need to work on like entering tunnels when I'm at the tunnel instead of running to it, and Reese is not completely comfortable with rear crosses so we are working on those too. But I didn't collapse out-of-breath at the end of the run this time...so that's an improvement. 

The running we are doing must be helping!

Reese had a little photo shoot before our lesson so when I get those pictures I will post them. I think they are going to be amazing photos. It will be fun to see her in, on, over the obstacles.

You'll have to tune in tomorrow for part 2. 

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