Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Work has been crazy busy these past few months so it didn't help that I went into the last couple of weeks worn out. Brother came home on a Thursday, saw him for dinner. Then he came over to my house to walk with Reese and I through the neighborhood we grew up in, and which I now live in.

Friday night I cleaned the house walked Reese and tried to get to bed early but to follow suit as the previous weeks have gone, once again I got to bed way too late.

Saturday I got up early to drive 90-100 miles to watch a herding demo that some friends were giving at a Scottish Festival. I got held up in traffic and missed the morning demo. Visited with friends for a bit, then drove about 30 minutes to pick up shirts and trinkets for the Race for the Cure Walk on Sunday. After getting the shirts and trinkets, I drove back to the Scottish Festival and watched the afternoon herding demo. Visited some more and then drove the 90-100 miles back home. After feeding the cats and picking up Reese I went to meet the family for dinner. Got home later than I should have, which meant I got to bed later than I should have, par for the course I guess.

Sunday, I got up early around 5:30 got ready to go for the walk. Drove with the family to the walk about 75 miles away. Had a wonderful time. Mom and my sister and I have been participating in the Race for the Cure walk since about 1994 or so. Sister met us there this year as she lives in the opposite direction. Usually it's just us girls, often my niece joins us, and sometimes we let the men in on the fun. It was fun to have brother and dad there this year. Every year we say we will be in the front of the pack so we finish early and every year it seems we end up in the second half. This year we finally did it, we were in the front half and it really did make a difference. The people were much more spread out and the pace was very good, not too fast but not slow either.

Oh, look some cheery participants...

This event has both a 5K race and a 5K walk. There were years long ago back in the day, when I was either in shape enough, or dumb enough to do both. I would run the 5K, quick run back to the car and change my clothes under a blanket, and then get back to my group to walk it all over again. Nope-not this year - these feets were made for walkin'.

This was a special year as it was Mom's 19 year anniversary. Go Mom!!

I'm already planning something special for next year hehe, don't tell her. And no it doesn't involve a train ride, in case you read this Mom. After the walk we went for lunch picked up some raw rabbit for the cats and came home. Where I then got to walk Reese. I had the start of a migraine and so stayed home that night and went to bed early.

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