Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last Sunday Reese and I returned to the pasture to see what we could do with the sheep without Derek to show us the way. I must say we did great. I was so proud of my little girlie. Once again I thought we would be starting in the round pen and we headed out straight to the large pasture to the sheep. These sheep were very frisky and had a bit of a mind of their own I am told. Since I am not that good with sheep yet I couldn't tell that they were different than any other sheep. They obviously were not Shetlands I knew that. Shetlands is what we had used a year or so ago. Shetlands are very light and quick on their feet. Of course at that time I thought that is how sheep were too. So I guess that means that I am learning about the sheep and herding which is my goal.

I do have to give credit to the other handler that was in the pasture with Reese and I. I first met Wayne when I was at my lesson with Derek. Wayne watched our lesson and attended the clinic that Derek gave and took some lessons. So Wayne has Dereks techniques down pretty good and that was very helpful for Reese and I. When I was losing it in the field Wayne just stepped in and took control and worked Reese and got her back on track to where I could pick her up again.

Our education continues on Saturday and I will try to get some picutres of Reese working stock. Also, I am going to try and bring the sheep down into the pasture for us to use so that I can start to learn how to move the sheep myself without the help of a faithful collie dog. If I learn to the move the sheep than it will be much easier for me to, be more comfortable around them which will help Reese understand that I am in control of the situation and that she is my assistant and it will make it easier for me to tell Reese what I want her to do.

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