Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Stop - Athens, Greece

Since my travels have been curtailed during this downturn in the economy, I have decided to do some Armchair traveling by way of photos and journals from past travels. Each of the next few weeks I will revisit one of the destinations of a past journey and share some highlights with you.

The Parthenon atop the Acropolis is one of the most famous ruins in Athens and all of the world I suppose. It is a marvel to see as it rises above the city on a large hill, a small mt if you wanted to call it that. From the hotel I lived in you could look out across the city and see the Acropolis. It was lighted at night and quite a sight.

The round "wheel" shaped rocks above are actually what the Greeks used to build the columns like those seen on the Parthenon. The wheels would be stacked on top of each other to create the columns, all with man made tools and energy, such a massive feat with no modern moving equipment.

The theatre's that were built were the work of an acoustic genius. If standing at the bottom on the "stage" and you spoke in your normal voice used to talk with someone standing next to you, the conversation could be heard at the top of the theatre.

The above is a view of the Aegean sea from Sounion the home of Poseidon and his temple which resides there as well. Poseidon was the ruler of the sea. The Greeks on both sides of the Aegean were seaman and so Poseidon the God of the Sea was very important to them. I watched the sunset at Sounion and fell in love with the sea there. It is a beautiful place and not too far from Athens so a "must go" if you are in Athens.
On the Island of Crete I found this little guy.

Of course I had to have a picture of him. I find it funny that he looks an awful lot like a mix of retriever and border collie or spaniel. At any rate he is cute!

Above is a view of the harbor on the Island of Crete in the town of Chania.

The Corinth Canal which seperates mainland Greece from the Peloponessus. It is 4 miles long, 80 feet wide and 26 feet deep - it can only fit one ship through at a time. FYI if you suffer from Vertigo, stay in the vehicle when passing by.
Recommended Reading: The Odyssey, The Iliad, Mythology by Edith Hamilton, any of the Greek Tragedies. Let's Go Greece, Berlitz Pocket Guide Greece and of course I would be a miss if I didn't mention Rick Steves Athens and the Peloponnese
Films: Zorba the Greek, Captain Corelli's Mandolin

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