Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gotta Brag about my ReeCee!

First up herding.  Last week at our lesson Reese kind of went back to her old ways and didn't quite have her head in the game.  Or, as I like to say she got a hair up her behind and couldn't quite shake it loose.

I am happy to say that at this weeks lesson she was back to her good working self.  Yes, she needed a couple of reminders at first but then things fell back into line and she was working nicely.  She is still uncomfortable on her Away flank but she is comfortable with her Go Bye.  You can really see her start to tense up and then she looks at the sheep and then she's cutting in on her Away.  As soon as she looks at the sheep she can't relax and she stops thinking and then she can't stay out.  On her Go Bye flank she stays out wide and will casually look at the sheep to see where they are and then she will look away and bend out more and stay off the sheep as wide as the ring lets her.  She is just more relaxed and it shows.  She is also walking up calmly to the sheep feeling their pressure and stopping to give them plenty of room when they are at the fence and she feels they can't go anywhere.  She can now comfortably stop and not feel that she has to charge in and bust them up. 

On to Agility.....
We had our lesson tonight and Reese did awesome.  Our last obstacle to really master was our running A-frame.  She missed the first one tonight and then nailed the rest of them, both the A-frame alone and when it was part of a larger sequence.  And......she worked all night with the sheep in the pasture and yes, she knew they were there!  She had one moment of disengagement but then she got a big Aha! moment from our trainer and that was all that was needed.  So proud of my girlie.  We haven't had a lesson in a few weeks due to my work schedule and stormy weather so it was really fun to see her work so well.  Now she is out cold from all her hard work tonight - also good to see! 

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Xsara and Tani said...

Oh, I see we have a lot of interests in common :)))) Unfortunately, we don't have anybody at least relatively close to us that would really know how to do sheepdog with a pyrshep, so it's really hard. But we try it every now and then just for fun! Hope to see some of your agility and sheepdog videos soon :)