Sunday, August 16, 2009


After meeting up with the two other parties in our group we had lunch and told our tale of woe as to why we were late arriving. Our itinerary started in Arusha the most common place that Safari's originate in Tanzania. As our photos would be taken from the roofs of the vehicle's we used bean bags to stabilize our cameras and the telephoto lenses. We went to the market in Arusha to buy beans to fill our bean bags. We then began our journey.

There were six of us on the trip traveling in two landrovers with two drivers. It was perfect as three to a vehicle prevented any space issues or problems with everyone having access to any side of the vehicle necessary for that allusive photo opportunity.

I am going to break this out into multiple posts as there is just so much information and photos to share. Also, since this trip like the previous ones visited on the blog were done prior to digital I have had to scan all these photos and it takes time. The photos from this trip were all taken on professional film in slide format. To start us off here are a few teasers photos of the big five.

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