Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Birthday Celebration

Since Reese kind of got screwed on her birthday. It was a beautiful day, but I was too exhausted from being gone all week and she was pretty tired from her trip to the kennel. So we waited a day to celebrate. I'll let Reese tell you about her day.

Went on a hike with my friends Toluca and Zuma

Took a little nap

Blew out my candles

and ate some cake!

And played with my new toy! A new BALL, whoo hoo!

This isn't just any ball this one is SPECIAL

This ball belonged to my friend Maddie. Grandma and Grandpa decided that I should have it now.

That was so nice of them. I will make sure I take good care of it, and I'll always think of Maddie when I play with it:)

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